Custom Wheelset from Nobl Wheels

Looking for a custom mountain bike wheelset that is both lightweight and durable? Look no further than the TR33 rim from Nobl wheels, paired with Berd spokes and an Industry Nine Hydra hub.

The Nobl TR33 rim is a great choice for building a lightweight and stiff wheelset, as it weighs in at just 409 grams for the 29” version used in this build. It has a 33mm outer width, 27mm internal width, and a 24mm rim depth, making it a versatile option for a variety of riding styles. It also comes with a 5-year defect warranty and 50% off crash replacements. Additionally, Nobl offers a cool upgrade program that allows you to upgrade any of their Legacy rims to a lifetime warranty that offers free rim crash replacements, just pay the shipping.

Berd spokes are made from an advanced polymer called Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE), which boasts 12 times the strength-to-weight ratio of steel. This makes for a significant weight savings of 100g-200g’s, while also providing up to 200% better damping of vibrations than standard steel spokes. This extra damping quality provides a smoother ride and lessens fatigue over the course of longer rides.

To complete the build, the crew at Nobl built a custom wheelset with their TR33 carbon rim and an Industry Nine Hydra hub. The Hydra hub is known for its lightning-quick 690 degrees of engagement, lightweight construction, and clean CNC machined look. However, it’s important to note that whatever hub you decide to lace your Berd spokes to, it will require a bit of prepping first. The holes on the hub will need to be smoothed out to deburr the hub of any sharp protrusions that could potentially fray or cut the Berd spokes. So, keep this in mind when choosing a hub, as it will need modification and you won’t be able to use the hub with standard spokes after the modification.

Nobl has been producing carbon rims since 2012 and offers rims suited for gravel, cross country, trail, enduro, downhill, and e-biking. They work with some of the best hubs in the business, including Chris King, Industry Nine, DT Swiss, Onxy, and more. And the customization options are endless, with options to choose your hub color, spoke type, nipple color, and custom color sticker set.

Overall, the Nobl TR33 rim, Berd spokes, and Industry Nine Hydra hub make for a killer custom wheelset that is sure to impress. They offer significant weight savings and improved ride quality, while also being durable and backed by excellent warranties. If you’re in the market for a new wheelset, consider the TR33 rim from Nobl Wheels for your next build.


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